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Balanced books, routine, coffee


Asymmetry, rushing, burned out business owners

Favourite Food:

Mum's lasagne!

Francine Webster

Please call me Fran 

I have a special interest in helping small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed and need fresh eyes and motivation to get started or get things under control. 

And get some sleep!

To help you, I will draw on over 20 years of experience in

  • project management

  • event management

  • office management 

  • accounts management/bookkeeping

  • teaching and

  • training

I have a versatile and transferable skills set having worked across industries such as

  • rural health

  • education

  • entertainment

  • hardware wholesaling

  • beauty therapy

  • business networking

  • trades

  • child safety

  • not-for-profit/charity

I comprehend quickly, act proactively and operate efficiently

My Approach

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It all starts with a chat.


We will meet (online or in person) and chat about your business and where you need help. Our first meeting is complimentary and the coffee is on me. We may decide I will start by completing one task for you and building from there. Or we could develop a long-term arrangement from the outset. 

I will summarize our plan in an email and attach my terms and conditions.

Once I get the 'okay' from you, I can commence work.

If there are certain software requirements to complete tasks, such as access to an accounting program or remote server, we can discuss this on an as-needs basis. I work online so my services will be provided through logging in to cloud based programs.

My aim is for you to go to bed at night and feel assured and relieved that things are under control. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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