Why use a Virtual Assistant (VA)?



Short answer: it makes you happier!

A Virtual Assistant can be two things

1. Short-term sanity saver

Someone who can fill administrative gaps and be trusted to complete tasks independently and efficiently. A Virtual Assistant can complete both routine, recurring and ad-hoc tasks easily.

2. Long-term partner

A Virtual Assistant can also be your long-term partner. Over time, a Virtual Assistant can really get to know your core values and mission, become intuitive to your needs and provide expert office and accounts management services to build a strong foundation on which your business will thrive.

Ultimately, a good Virtual Assistant will save you time, effort and money.



A Virtual Assistant fills administrative gaps 

  • Are you brilliant at sales but hate the detail of tracking income and expenses?

  • Are you just starting out and don't have sufficient income or enough work (yet!) to justify hiring an administrator?

  • Are you hosting your first workshop and need help keeping track of ticket sales and the event budget?

A VA is a great fit for you!

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Why trust me?

Have you read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber?

I'm the 'Manager'.


To quote the book: "The managerial personality is pragmatic. Without The Manager there would be no planning, no order, no predictability" (pg. 25).

My office, project, and accounts management skills have been developed over twenty years of experience within a broad range of industries, business structures, and team environments. 

I thrive on a variety of detail oriented work that produces tangible results. 

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