Filing First Aid


Step 3    Enjoy

Return to the breath of fresh air that is your new filing structure 

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This service is for a digital detox.

Therefore, I will require access to your files digitally via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, remote desktop access, or where ever you keep your files. 

Step 1    Review     

$350 - $700


  • meeting with you and your team to discuss needs and vision

  • comprehensive review of current filing system, structure, folders and documents

  • my recommendations and a map of an improved, intuitive and organised structure of parent folders, sub folders and examples of your documents that would sit various levels within your files

  • 1 x review and amendments

I do not move any files around in this step.

Your quote will depend on the size of your business and the extent of the challenge.

Step 2    Restructure

$450 - $1200

I will be working away within your filing system, implementing our plan, while you take a (much needed) break. We will work out a suitable time.


If your system is quite large, I may need two or three designated times to complete the project.